National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)

In line with its efforts to promote higher standards in snooker, Cuesports Singapore is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural snooker accreditation programme.

Aspiring snooker players can now seek to benchmark their snooker skills through this national programme which comprises 9 levels comprising Novice, Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate, Amateur, Athlete, Professional and Elite.

Each level will consist of tests administered by our Examiners. Once players are accredited, they will be eligible to participate in the Cuesports National Accredited Snooker League which will be held on an annual basis with attractive prizes. Details of the league will be announced in due course once we have at least 48 eligible participants.

Details of the Snooker Accreditation Programme can be found in the attached below. For more information or enquiries, please email Cuesports Singapore at . 

Anyone can register from level 1 to 7. For 8 and 9, only those who pass level 7, can register for level 8 or 9.

Thank you.

Please note:

  • Cuesports Singapore reserves the rights to reject any participant that is not deemed for this program and/or not fit for the invitation for selection of overseas tournament without any reasons given.

Option 1: One Time Trial Classes

Dates: To be arranged

Time: 7.30pm (Session 1) & 8.45pm (Session 2)

Entry Requirements: $20 per pax (Inclusive of table charges)

Minimum 4 students to start

To Register, Contact us @

Option 2: Tutorial Classes

Adult Fees: $78 per lesson for 1.5 hours (Inclusive of table charges, minimum of 3 lessons)

Full Time Student: $39 per lesson for 1.5 hours (Inclusive of table charges, minimum of 3 lessons)

Each lesson consist of 3 students

To Register, Contact us @