National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)

Test 1A: 1 Ball pot

  • 5 short distance reds to middle pocket (reds are 2 balls apart)
  • 5 long distance reds from baulk line to either one of the corner pockets.
  • Single ball pot, 10/10 in one go.
  • if miss any, start all 10 shot again.

Test 1B: Sharp Shooter

  • Straight ball pot with the cue ball (5/5)
  • move cue ball after each pot to align next straight ball pot.
  • If miss one, re-start this 5 shot again.

Test 1C: C-striking check

  • Center-line striking check – Cue ball from brown to black spot and back to touch cue-tip 2nd time for 5 times.
  • You can place a chalk on the top cushion to assist in your aiming.

Test 1D: Long Blue sniper

  • Cue ball on baulk line
  • Pot straight blue on blue spot – 5 on each of the 2 corner pocket.
  • Keep trying until you potted 5 on each side of the pocket.

Test 1E: Cushion Master

  • Awkward bridging cushion shot
  • 2 ball distance away from the cushion
  • Straight ball pot into the middle pocket – 4/5
  • Try again when miss 2 of these shots.