Cuesports Singapore 6th Board Meeting

National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)

Cuesports Singapore 6th Board Meeting

This is an update from the 6th Board Meeting, held via Zoom on 21 February 2022

1. Amendments of Cuesports Singapore Constitution in progress.

a. The Board agreed to amend and completely reset the 8 years cap on board tenure to commence 2021

b. The Board discussed on whether counting from 2021, there should be an 8 years maximum accumulative tenure for President. This item went to a vote. The vote was not unanimous, with the board adopting the following: “Counting from the year 2021, Board Members may serve a maximum tenure of eight (😎 consecutive years on the Board and, upon reaching this tenure limit, shall only be eligible for re-election or re-appointment to the Board after a lapse of at least two (2) years.”

c. The Board approved the slight amendment on Full Members constitution clause as follows:
As at time of admission, at least half of the Board of Full Members shall be Singapore citizens or half of the members are Singapore citizens. Clubs and Associations intending to apply to be Full Members should also provide a list of their members, shareholders and/or management and their nationalities alongside their membership applications.
The clause above will be applied to all new joining club members and will not affect existing Affiliate/Full Members, subject to SportSG’s approval.

2. To form the Development Squad, the players will be handpicked by coaches instead of the initially proposed ‘selection tournaments’ due to lack of time. Those players will then play a round-robin selection tournament in mid-March and the Top 4 will form the initial squad.

3. SNOC (Singapore National Olympic Council) had approved Cuesports Athletes namelist for SEA Games 2022. Group discussion and team dinner will be held in mid-April before Singapore team depart for SEA Games at Vietnam.

4. As there are no oversea tournaments for Ladies Pool Team and Snooker Team, Cuesports Singapore intend to organize Regional Pool tournament and invite athletes from neighboring countries Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as part of SEA Games 2022 preparation. Cuesports Singapore will also send invitation to other COEs (Centre of Excellence) to get sponsorship for to organise warm up tournament for Snooker team.

5. President requested for volunteers from the board to fulfill the role of SEA Games Team manager and Assistant Team Manager. In view of a lack of volunteers, on basis of continuity of team manager position and stability of leadership, the Board agreed to nominate Dominic Pan as Assistant Team Manager to follow Team Manager Paul Pang for learning experience for future games.

6. The Board was briefed and was encouraged about the plans for the Centre of Excellences. This included plans for the COEs, or other potential partners, to host sanctioned ranking events. Further updates will be provided in due course for board discussion and approvals.

7. Dialogue session with senior referees was conducted on 05 Jan 2022. The Board explained the reason that Cuesports Singapore unable to send referee to overseas events is due to the Covid-19 and the upcoming proposed discussions with the respective Asian Federations. The team also heard feedback on current system of referee allocation/assignment for local tournaments, discussion on the deployment of referees for stages in tournaments and Chief Referee’s roles.

8. Cuesports Singapore Board Members Gary Fong and Sean Tan were tasked by the board to look into improving ‘live’ streaming camera equipment at Cuesports Singapore Academy. This includes the procurement of better equipment to suit the needs of the academy.