How We Rank Players

National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)

Effective from calendar year 2012, the National Ranking Structure is revised such that up to the top 64 positions will be determined by the ranking points accumulated from the National Championships and the Ranking Tournaments for the calendar year. The breakdown for the ranking points allocated for each position are as follows:

Position National Championship Ranking Tournament
Champion 105 70
Runner Up 75 50
Semi-Finals 60 40
Quarter (5th to 8th) 45 30
Pre-Quarter (9th to 16th) 30 20
17th to 32nd 15 10
33rd to 48th 8 5
49th to 64th 5* 3*

*for Double Elimination Competition Format Only


  1. Rankings for the current year will be based on the total accumulated ranking points achieved in the previous 2 years plus new points attained in the current year itself.
  1. For pool, all ranking points attained in 8, 9 and 10 ball ranking events will be combined and added to the total for the National Pool Ranking Structure.
  1. For snooker, all ranking points attained in the traditional snooker and future 6 reds ranking events (if any) will be combined and added to the total for the National Snooker Ranking Structure.
  1. Ranking points will only be awarded to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Employment, Dependent and Student Pass holders.
  1. Any given player must play and win his/her first match to qualify for the appropriate ranking points. A player who progresses by virtue of ‘bye’ and loses will not qualify for the ranking points. In the event of a tie in points, the rank positions shall be determined by:

a) Points earned in the most recent tournament.
b) In comparison to the score followed by the opponent’s eventual finish in the given championships.

c) Players that progresses to the next round with a walkover will still be awarded the ranking points as they were present for the match.

d) National Players who are representing Singapore for overseas trainings and competitions approved by Cuesports Singapore will be awarded in accordance to the points given to a Pre Quarter Finalist.