Name Chan Keng Kwang
Country Singapore
Start of Tenure January 2016
End of Tenure Ongoing


Name Stefan Mazrocis
Country Netherlands
Start of Tenure July 2014
End of Tenure Ongoing

alison fisher.jpg

Name Alison Fisher
Country England
Start of Tenure April 2015
End of Tenure June 2015

Manoj Passport Photo.jpg

Name Manoj Kothari
Country India
Start of Tenure  Mar 2015
End of Tenure  Jun 2015

Name Guo Bo Chen
Country Taiwan
Start of Tenure May 2015
End of Tenure May 2015

S2-Foto-00. Frontfoto-0,8.jpg

Name Ralph Eckert
Country Germany
Start of Tenure Mar 2015
End of Tenure  Mar 2015