Rules & Regulations

National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)



  1. The tournament is open only to Citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore.
  2. Participants must submit their entries on official entry forms not later than

Thursday, 3 January, 23:59 hour for CSA National 9 Ball Open Ranking 2018 (January).

  1. You need to provide your name as per NRIC in your entry form as Cuesports Singapore will issue cheque for prize winners with name according to entry form.
  2. Participants must pay a non-refundable entry fee upon submission of entry form. If the entry fees are not received by the draw date, the entry form will not be accepted and the participant is deemed to have opted out of the tournament.
  3. Entry fees for tournaments will be $30 per person (Adults) & $20 per person (Students). Table punch by players at $10 per hour.
  4. Entries are accepted subject to the condition that the participant shall, if nominated by Cuesports Singapore, represent the Republic of Singapore in any event held within 12 months upon the completion of the tournament.


  1. The tournament will be played under the latest Standardized Rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA).


The tournament will be played at Cuesports Singapore Academy.

865 Mountbatten Road

Katong Shopping Centre

#01-46, Singapore 437844


  1. The schedule is as follow:
Closing Date for Entries 3 January (Thursday) @ 2359
Name list Published 4 January (Friday)
Draw Date 5 January (Saturday)
Draw Published 7 January (Monday)
Tournament Start Date 9 January (Wednesday)
  1. Starting from Wednesday, 9 January, participants may refer to the notice board at the tournament venue. Participants may also view the fixtures on the Cuesports Singapore’s official website ( or Facebook page (

The tournament will be played:

Qualifying Rounds

  • If 32 players, 4 groups of 8 players (4 qualifiers per day)
  • If 48 players, 8 groups, 6 players per group (2 qualifiers per day)
  • Double Elimination
  • Race to 8, alternate break

Knockout Stages

  • Single Elimination
  • Race to 8, alternate Break
  1. Should there be less than 32 entries by the closing date, Cuesports Singapore reserves the right to cancel the tournament for the category and/or to change the prize money accordingly.


  1. All enquires or disputes will be referred to the Chief Referee during the tournament running and his decision shall be final.
  2. All disciplinary matters shall be referred to the Cuesports Singapore Disciplinary Sub-Committee, whose decision shall be final on all matters arising.
  3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend and/or add rules to the above set of rules and regulations with prior notification to the participants as and when it deems necessary. Any matter not covered by the above set of rules and regulations shall be decided upon by the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final in such matters.


  1. Polo-Tee, Jeans with covered shoes.
  2. Players will have to put on any sponsor badges/stickers while playing in the tournament when told to do so by the organisers. Please note that any competitive sponsors’ brands or insignias are Not Allowed to be worn at any stage throughout the tournament.
  3. Players who are not properly attired during their 1st match will be issued a warning and a dress code penalty of 1 rack (penalty can apply for shirt, pants or shoes violation). From their 2nd match onwards, players who are not properly attired will be barred from playing, resulting in a direct walkover.


  1. No delays or postponement of matches will be allowed unless deemed necessary by the Tournament Committee.
  2. All players must report to the Tournament Chief Referee upon arrival with his/her identity card and take note of the match table.
  3. A player not present by the commencement of his/her match will concede one (1) rack to his opponent. If the player is not present by the 5th minute, he/she will concede a total of two (2) racks to his opponent. If the player is still not present by the 10th minute, the match official will record a walkover and award the match to the opponent. The clock at the tournament venue shall serve as the official tournament clock.
  4. Players conceding walkovers must give a written explanation within 3 days of their match to the Tournament Committee; players who fail to do so or players who are deemed by the Tournament Committee to have an invalid excuse will be barred from taking part in any future tournaments organized by Cuesports Singapore for a stipulated period.
  5. Each player will only be allowed to call one (1) time-out which must be in between racks and lasting not more than seven (7) minutes. Should the player exceed the time allowed, a rack will be conceded to his/her opponent. However, players may request for toilet breaks which may be allowed at the sole discretion of the referee. The toilet break must not be used for other purposes such as smoking or communicating with any person. Any players found doing so may be disqualified.
  6. Players are not allowed to smoke in the tournament venue or in the surrounding vicinity and are not allowed to place any cigarettes or lighters in the player’s seating area.
  7. Players are not allowed to use their hand phones in the tournament venue and are also required to switch their mobile phones or pagers to silent mode. No food is allowed in competition area.
  8. Players must be at their best behavior whilst in the tournament venue and must not say or do anything that may discredit the tournament, the sponsors, Cuesports Singapore and/or bring the sport into disrepute.


  1. The estimated prize money is as followed. The exact confirmed prize money will be announced on a later date.

*The exact prize money will be subjected to changes depending on the total entries and extra sponsorships

  1. All prize winners must be present at the prize presentation ceremony, failing which their prize money might be forfeited, unless a valid reason is given 24 hours in advance. In addition, he/she must send a representative with an authorisation letter to receive the prize on his/her behalf.
  2. Ranking points will only be given to Singaporeans & Permanent Residents with the breakdown as follows:
  • Champion (70 points)
  • Runner-up (50 points)
  • Semi-Finalist (40 points)
  • Quarter Finalist (30 points)
  • Pre-Quarterfinalist (20 points)
  • 17th to 32nd (10 points)
  • 33rd to 48th (5 points)
  • 49th to 64th (3 points)
  1. National players who are on overseas duties will be awarded 30 points.


  1. All players must adhere to the following procedures:

30 mins before            All players to report to the Chief Referee for verification

15 mins before            Warm-up of 5 minutes per player

5 mins before              Conduct of lag to determine break

Scheduled time           Commencement of match

For 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th session matches. Warm up is subjected to the time allowance after the end of the previous match and also reporting time of player.

  1. Players are advised to report 30 mins before your match time. If there are tables available and both competitors have reported to the Chief Referee, the match may commence before the scheduled time.