National 10-Ball Championship 2017 Finals

National 10 Ball Championship 2017 ended today (5th Nov 2017).
Cuesports Singapore would like to congratulate all winners of this tournament.

Toh Lian Han edged Aloysius Yapp by 8:7, walking away with $2000 prize money and a champion trophy.

23130578_1983790501897559_3436663332367681606_nAloysius Yapp is the Runner-Up, winning $800 cash and runner-up trophy.

23131898_1983790525230890_948713342852896030_n23131675_1983790531897556_2651350070605755220_nCharlene Chai won Amy Hoe 6:4, becoming the champion in the ladies category of this tournament.

Once again, we would like to specially thank Mr Seah Kian Peng , MP of Marine Parade GRC for taking his precious time to come down to support the players and grace the prize presentation.

Thank you all for participating and we will see you in the next tournament!

National Snooker League 2017/18 Fixtures

Latest updates: Finalized Division list and fixtures are out!

Snooker League Division List

Snooker League Fixture – Div 1

Snooker League Fixture – Div 2

Snooker League Fixture – Div 3

Snooker League Fixture – Div 4

Snooker League Fixture – Div 5

National Snooker Ranking Updated 2017

Please note that top 1-8 seeds will give 16 points, top 9-16 seeds will give 8 points.

For any inquiries, please email or call our office at 63453651

National 10-Ball Championship 2017 Results Update!

Dear All,

You can check out the National 10-Ball Championship 2017 most updated results here:

07 October, Saturday – 3pm session:

Kenneth Chng vs Jessica Tan 0:8
Terence Teo vs Benjamin Hwang (Benjamin has a walkover, proceed to next round)
Darren Young Wai Choon vs Low Chee Sing 8:7
Koh Seng Ann vs Poh Eng Wah 8:3
Loh Heng Meng Eugene vs Sim Zhen Guang Ivan 8:5
Lee Mun Loong Ignatius vs Wong Li Ting Sarah 8:0

07 October, Saturday – 1pm session:
Lim Jin Xian Kenneth vs Danny Ng Zhong Kae 5:8
Deon Quek vs Yip Kah Hoong 8:7
Javier Low Ping Sheng vs Raith Ang 4:8
Regina Toh vs Jasper Wong 3:8
Danny Leong va Suen Yen Jeng 6:8
Suvene Ng vs Tan Chew Ming 1:8
Amy Hoe vs Benjin Ong 8:4
Rosline Liew vs Ray Chan Hong Bin 4:8

07 October, Saturday – 11.30am session:
Lee Zhen Yi vs Dion Wong Hong Mun 2:8
Alvin Teo Hui Tiong vs Jason Mak Wai Loong 8:6
Teo Jun Hao vs Marcus Liew Guan Wen 8:1
Daryl Tang Keen Hoong vs Kevin Kam Kai Wen 8:5
Kovan Tan vs Cavin Tan (Cavin Tan has a walkover, proceed to next round)
Chia Feng Yin vs Bryan Cheow 1:8
Tan Wai Hoe vs Tan JunJie Austin 8:6
Ernest Teo Soon Jiat vs Goh Hon Xuan 6:8

08 October, Sunday – 11.30am session

Charlene Chia (walkover) vs Peter Ong ,Charlene to next round .

Edmund Kwang vs The Naing @The Ming 5:8

Amy Hoe vs Darrell Wong 8:5

Kevin Tan vs Gaston Tan 8:3

Abigail Goh vs Daniel Chng (Daniel has a walkover, proceed to next round)

Jessica Tan vs Zhang Wei 6:8

Lagis Lee Zhang Huan vs Gabriel Kwek 8:6

Dominic Ng vs Leong Jun Jie Benedict 8:4


08 October, Sunday – 1pm session:

Dion Wong vs Andrew Teo 8:2

Alvin Teo Hui Tiong vs Vincent Wong 8:2

Teo Jun Hao vs Andrey Dmitriev 4:8

Daryl Tang vs Randy Lum 8:5

Yeeshvaran vs Goh Yang Jie 8:7

Yeoh Seng Boon vs Markus Chin Jun Han 7:8

Tan Jing Han vs Chew Kor Lin 8:5

Jeremy Yeo Zhi Li vs Tan Kim Chwee 3:8


08 October, Sunday – 3pm session:

Cavin Tan vs Sun Zhi Yi 8:5

Bryan Cheow vs Ryan Lim Shan Yu (Bryan has a walkover, proceed to the next round)

Tan Wai Hoe vs Dexter Looi 8:3

Goh Hon Xuaan vs Joshua Koh Tian Huat 8:0

14 October, Saturday (11:30 am session)
Danny Ng Zhong Kae vs Muhamad Fuad Bin Said 8-5
Deon Allax Quek Wei Xuan vs Chia Yin Seng Jeffrey8-2
Raith Ang Rui Yuan vs Aloysius Theng Kai Wei 8-3
Jasper Wong Wei Long vs Ernest Tan Jun Hao 8-4
Suen Yeu Jeng vs Caleb Lee Jia Le 8-2
Tan Chew Ming vs Tay Woei Jye has a walkover , Tay Woei Jye to next round
The Naing @ The Maung vs Shermeen Ong 8-1
Ray Chan Hong Bin vs Ong Rui Yi 2-8

14 October, Saturday (1:00 pm session)
Kevin Tan Jun Zhong vs Tay Mayor 8-3
Chng Wee Kiong Daniel vs Domenic Koh 8-7
Benjamin Hwang Mo Chien vs Tan Juinn Guan 8-0
Laris Lee Zhang Huan [Walkover] vs Lee Yan An ,Laris Lee process to next round.
Darren Young Wai Choon vs Lee Han Qiang 8-4
Chai Zeet Huey Charlene vs Cheryl Hoe Shu Ning 8-2
Koh Seng Ann vs Liu Hao Ran 8-5
Dominic Ng vs Che Ming Zhang 8-2

15 October, Sunday (11:30 am session)
Dion Wong Hong Mun vs Alvin Teo Hui Tiong 3-8
Andrey Dmitriev vs Daryl Tang Keen Hoong 2-8
Loh Heng Meng Eugene vs Yeap Zheng Hong 8-0
Yeeshvaran S/O Ravichinnayah vs Ang Yan Sheng 8-2
Lee Mun Loong Ignatius vs Clement Lim Boon Wah 7-8
Markus Chin Jun Han vs Shoman Tong 8-7
Tan Jing Han vs Lim Chor Heng 8-4
Tan Kim Chwee vs Joel Lim Mao Ming 1-8

15 October, Sunday (1:00 pm session)
Cavin Tan vs Bryan Cheow 6-8
Tan Wai Hoe vs Goh Hon Xuan 8-5
Danny Ng Zhong Kae vs Deon Allax Quek Wei Xuan 6-8
Raith Ang Rui Yuan vs Jasper Wong Wei Long 8-1
Suen Yeu Jeng vs Tay Woei Jye 8:4
Tan Jing Han vs Joel Lim Mao Ming 8-5

19 October, Thursday (7:45 pm session)

Amy Hoe Shu Wah vs The Naing @ The Maung 8-7
Ong Rui Yi vs Kevin Tan Jun Zhong 8-5
Zhang Wei vs Chng Wee Kiong Daniel 6-8
Benjamin Hwang Mo Chien vs Laris Lee Zhang Huan 8-1
Darren Young Wai Choon vs Chai Zeet Huey Charlene 8-6
Koh Seng Ann vs Dominic Ng 8-0
Loh Heng Meng Eugene vs Yeeshvaran S/O Ravichinnayah 8-5
Clement Lim Boon Wah vs Markus Chin Jun Han 8-1



Attention all players,

Acceptable attire:
Men: Polo tee/ shirt, long pants ( no jeans material) & business shoes.
Ladies: Polo tee/ blouse , pants/ skirt & shoes.( no jean material, no slippers or sandals)


1st President’s Cup 9-Ball Doubles Open Championship 2017/18

We are proud to announce that our first event going into 2018 will be the President’s Cup 9-Ball Doubles Open Championship, sponsored by our President, Mr. Christopher Chuah. For details, check the poster below.




You must be thinking. Where is Cuesports Singapore Academy? Renovation is in the works and it’s located at Katong Shopping Centre, at the stated address.
The academy is established to develop local cueists to their full potential. More details of Cuesports Singapore Academy coming soon!

Interested participants of this Championship are advised to read the Rules and Regulations before signing up due to differences in comparison to the usual Rules and Regulations. More information also available in the document.

Online registration:

President’s Cup 9-Ball Doubles Entry Form

President’s Cup 9-Ball Doubles Open Rules & Regulations

Contact if you have more enquiries.