Cuesports Singapore 5th Board Meeting

National Sports Association (Main Body for Billiards, Pool & Snooker)

Cuesports Singapore 5th Board Meeting


This is an update from the 5th Board Meeting, held via Zoom on 21 December 2021

  1. To encourage greater engagement with our affiliates, associate members and Cuesports enthusiasts, the board has approved the sharing of pertinent board decisions, discussions and updates on the Cuesports Website and Cuesports Facebook page.
  1. Cuesports will increase collaboration with our associate members and corporate partners from 2022 to organize tournament and events. To kickstart these partnerships, the National Billiards Championship and Seah Tian Cheng Snooker Ranking has been accorded to Ronnie O’Sullivan Snooker Pte Ltd and Cue School accordingly.


  1. Cuesports Singapore will form a new Development Squad. The squad will start with focus on under 25’s for Pool and under 28’s for Snooker. Desmond Goh, Cuesports High Performance Manager will be in charge of the squad’s development with the intention to groom our next tier of athletes which will feed in to the national team. The squad will be announced in April 2022.


  1. Our list of nominated Sea Games athletes have been finalized and approved by the board. The list of athletes nominated to represent Singapore at the next Sea Games in Hanoi are:


Men’s Pool (9 Ball / 10 Ball singles)              Women’s Pool (9 Ball / 10 Ball singles)

– Aloysius Yapp                                                  – Jessica Tan

– Toh Lian Han                                                   – Charlene Chai

– Sharik Sayed                                                   – Suvene Ng

Snooker (15 red singles, 6 red singles)        Billiards (singles, doubles)

– Chan Keng Kwang                                          – Peter Gilchrist

– Bernard Tey                                                     – Alex Puan

– Kingsley Ang

– Marvin Lim


  1. Cueskids trial pilot programme successfully carried out at Cuesports Singapore Academy. The programme’s objective is to allow children to experience Cuesports in a conducive and safe environment, to identify children with a keen interest and talent, and to provide them with a pathway to develop their potential further. Cuesports Singapore will incorporate the feedback and experience garnered from this pilot program in the development of the actual live CueKids programme.


  1. Cuesports has obtained in principle approval from SportSG for the SG Coach Level 1 (Full Integration) Coaching Curriculum. Further course details will be announced once confirmed.
  1. Feedback received that there is various defect for the snooker tables in Cuesports Singapore Academy, Cuesports Team will arrange the snooker tables to be repaired soonest.